Alex Tille purchased a 30′-long sailboat and was looking for a cotton sailing hat. Every sailor needs a hat!
But he couldn’t find a suitable one, so in January 1980 he ended up making his own top quality sailing hat!
Not content with just a sailing he then made hats for all manner of country pursuits with specialism in travel, walking but also bird-watching and golf.
Now he has a whole range of travel clothing built to last and designed for travel.
We were so impressed with the product and the stories about the brand we have decided to add the range of Tilley Hats to The Barn Shop in our Men’s Caps and Hats section, and travel underwear in our outdoor leisure hiking category.
Let us know about your favorite Tilley hat and which county pursuit you use it for ! As we know the hats are no longer just for sailing!
Tilley Packable Hat